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My records get deleted when my Quantity goes to 0.

Your inventory level is adjusted whenever an invoice is printed. The quantity in each record is reduced by number of items invoiced. However if the quantity is reduced to 0, the record is deleted and a new record needs to be created when new stock arrives...This is fine for used tires as each set is unique and requires a new record in order for the information to be accurate.

For new tires, no need to re-create a new record each time you run out of inventory. Select "New" for the Tire Type in the record for each new tire. With this setting, even when the quantity goes to 0, the record will remain showing a quantity of 0. Simply modify the quantity in the existing record when new stock arrives.

We advise all our customers with New Tire records to set the Tire Type to "New" in each record to take advantage of this time saving feature...

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