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Adding inventory with the app

Select the ADD TIRES or ADD WHEELS tab.
You have several options to include a way to locate your inventory faster and to look up information faster.

1) Attach a bar code from any sequentially numbered roll of bar codes
(Not supplied. Buy them on Amazon or any Office Supply store.)
2) Use the factory bar code on new tires
3) Use the stock number issued by the app and write them on the tires.
4) Don't use a stock number system.

Using a stock number or barcode is not required but will help you save time and make more sales.
Attach Barcode: Click this tab to scan the barcode (Optional).

Add the information you wish to add to the record in the available fields. More details will help you find the record faster and show your customers more details about what you have for sale.

Width : Width
Aspect : Aspect
Rim Size : Rim size
Quantity : Note the number of tires in the set

The following fields are optional...

Retail Price : Add a retail price per tire
Wholesale Price : Add a wholesale price per tire
The following fields are all optional and are not required to save a record.

Cost  : Cost for each tire
Type   : Select from a list of tire types (New, Used, Set of 4, etc)
Brand : Enter a Brand
Model  : Enter a Model
Tread Depth : Enter a tread depth as a digit (E.G: 12)
Speed/Load  : Enter a speed and or load rating
Location : Enter the location the items will be in the shop (Rack 1)
Private Notes: Enter any other data items you and your staff wish to save with this record. Customers will not see these notes.

Public Notes: Enter any notes you wish the customer to see about this record. (On SALE, Like New, etc)

Add Photos : Clicking on any of the 4 icons will activate your camera. Take up to 4 pictures.

Add Tire to Stock: This will save the record
A stock number will be issues by the app. This stock number applies to all the items being added to stock in this record.
You have the option to write the stock number on the items. If you scanned in a barcode this is not necessary. Put the tires away. They are ready for sale.